2020’s Most Popular Programming Languages for UI Test Automation

This article was written by Applitools senior developer advocate, Angie Jones.


I often get questions from those starting new test automation projects querying which programming language they should choose. I never have a cut and dry answer to this because it depends on a few factors such as which language the product features are being developed in, who will be writing the tests and which language are they most comfortable in, and how much support and tooling is available for a given language.

In this post, I’ll share which programming languages are most used for test automation as it gives some insight into industry usage. However, do not take this to mean “best programming language”, as the best language is the one that is best for your context.

The Data

You may be wondering where the data is from. Good question! More than half of the top companies in software, financial services, and healthcare verticals use Applitools for their web and mobile test automation needs. From the millions of tests that run in our cloud every week, I’ve analyzed which languages the tests were written in and aggregated the results at the team level (not the test level).

The Results

  1. Java
    Java remains the most popular programming language for test automation. Java held its lead with 43% of our users opting to write their tests in this language. In last year’s review, Java was used by 44% of our customers, so a slight decline but nevertheless this language managed to keep the crown in 2020.


While the data here doesn’t necessarily indicate which is the best programming language for test automation, it does highlight which ones are most used for testing amongst the hundreds of companies and open source projects surveyed.

Originally published at https://applitools.com on December 16, 2020.

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