Automated testing of PDFs has traditionally been a challenging task in test automation. Bitmap imaging, the legacy state-of-the-art approach, has proven unreliable. Most automation teams have focused on their end-to-end user tests, except PDF tests. Instead, they have relegated PDF validation to manual testers. …

This article was written by Applitools senior developer advocate, Angie Jones.


A common question is “does Applitools visual testing work on mobile apps?”. The answer is a resounding YES! In this post, I’ll automate a couple of scenarios and show you the power of visual testing.

The App

We’re going to…

Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid and mobile web apps.

It drives iOS, Android, and Windows apps using the WebDriver protocol and gives you the ability to automate any mobile app from any language and any test framework.

Appium released its first major…

Thunderhead is the recognised global leader in the Customer Journey Orchestration and Analytics market. The ONE Engagement Hub helps global brands build customer engagement in the era of digital transformation.

Thunderhead provides its users with great insights into customer behavior. To continue to improve user experience with their highly-visual web…


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