Become A Visual AI Rockstar

What Skills Separate Rockstars from Everyone Else?

  • Speed — a rockstar engineer can write and maintain tests more quickly than their peers.
  • Coverage — a rockstar engineer can ensure that his or her tests cover all visual artifacts.
  • Efficiency — a rockstar engineer can write the minimum amount of code to ensure coverage.
  • Accuracy — a rockstar engineer can identify real issues and their root cause.
  • Breadth — a rockstar engineer can run all the testing needed across devices, operating systems, browsers, and viewport sizes.
  • Teamwork — a rockstar engineer can let the appropriate team member know that they have discovered a defect that needs repair.

How Does Someone Become A Test Automation Rockstar?

Visual AI — The Secret Sauce

How Do I Become A Visual AI Rockstar?

What Is The Test Automation Rockstar Challenge?

  • Sign up for the challenge
  • Sign up for a free Applitools account to use for the challenge.
  • Take a free course on Test Automation University to give you an overview of Visual AI and its benefit to you in testing.
  • Get access to your own instance of a demonstration application.
  • Validate the existing tests for the demonstration application.
  • Add Applitools to the demonstration application.
  • Check out what Visual AI gives you, including new workflows, improved coverage, and easier way of creating, maintaining, and running tests.
  • Submit your results to Applitools.

Why Is Applitools Doing This Contest?

How Do I Join The Applitools Visual AI Automation Rockstar Contest?



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