CI Test Automation Strategy

CI Automated Testing As A DevOps Foundation

Test-Driven Development

Value of Testers

Team vs Centralized Test

Angie’s View on Test in C.I.

  • Speed — CI tests must run quickly to give fast feedback to the team when failures occur. Most should be unit tests. Some should be at the service level — to uncover failure modes that unit tests may not uncover. Finally, few should be UI tests — they take the longest to write and the longest to run — and should be ones that uncover unique failure modes.
  • Reliability — Angie already mentioned reliability, and here she reminds people about the key in running automation in a CI environment is that a failure for an automated test must be tied directly to a testing error — not a problem with the test itself.
  • Quantity — since every test gets run in CI automation, be aware that each test takes time to run. Don’t add tests for no reason. Make sure each test captures a relevant failure mode.
  • Maintenance — your tests will need to be maintained as or immediately after each incremental coding task gets completed.

Approaching Test Maintenance

Value of Designing for Test

Making Time for Automation

The HP LaserJet Test Case

Tying Back to C.I.

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