Fast, Efficient and Effective Cross Browser Testing

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Camp 3 — Use Modern Cross Browser Testing

  • The bulk of apps generate a single DOM response regardless of the target browser;
  • Cross browser tests expose visual defects, as functional defects get caught elsewhere;
  • Legacy test code, which inspects elements of the DOM, requires lots of code to capture and compare all the visual elements for an app response;
  • Visual AI makes cross browser test automation feasible and effective.

Proving the Value — Applitools Cross Browser Testing Hackathon

  • Ultrafast Grid provides faster test execution
  • You need fewer test runs with Ultrafast Grid
  • Your tests require less coding (and less time debugging test code)
  • Ultrafast grid needs no additional hardware (whether onsite or provided by a service)
  • Cross browser tests with Ultrafast Grid are easier to maintain
  • A large number of the participants who were not previously inclined towards cross browser testing would recommend Visual AI and Ultrafast Grid.



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