Functional Test Myopia

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What Are Your Goals For Web App Testing?

Why Functional Test Automation can fail

  • The response text field exists
  • The text in that field matches expectations
  • Overlapping text
  • Overlapping action buttons
  • Action buttons colored the same as the surrounding text
  • User regions or action areas too small for a user to see them
  • Invisible or off-page HTML elements that a user wouldn’t see
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How Do You Know Your App Renders Correctly?

  • Speed — you might have several apps, with dozens of responsive pages to test on several screen sizes, with every daily build. Even if a tester can check a page thoroughly in a couple of minutes, those add up to delays in your release cycle.
  • Evaluation Inconsistency — Manual testers can easily miss small issues that might affect users or indicate a problem
  • Coverage Inconsistency — Test coverage by manual testers depends on their ability to follow steps and evaluate responses — which vary from tester to tester.
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Legacy Visual Testing Technologies

  • Identify web page regions through the DOM.
  • Can expose changes in the layout when the regions differ
  • Indicate potential differences when a given region indicates a content or CSS change
  • Remain blind to a range of visual changes, such as different underlying content with the same identifier.

AI and visual Testing

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Broaden Your Vision

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