Easy Parallel Visual Testing with Appium

Watch Mobile Test Automation and Appium expert, Jonathan Lipps, as he demonstrates how to easily parallelize visual testing with Appium across all Android devices at once, in order to quickly detect bugs and spend less time on test runs.

In this session, Jonathan Lipps (architect and lead of the Appium project, founder of Cloud Grey Consulting and the weekly AppiumPro newsletter) walks us through the new integration between Applitools and Genymotion Cloud, which allows users to easily scale their automated visual tests on Android virtual devices.

Visual testing for mobile apps is only getting more important, but running visual tests at scale can be a challenge.

Genymotion Cloud provides access to a host of virtual Android devices that attach to your machine for easy control. Combined with Applitools’ Visual AI, the task of distributed visual testing becomes much more manageable and scalable.

Watch this on-demand session, where Jonathan presents the integration in-depth, and give a demonstration of how to do easy parallel visual testing with Appium.

Jonathan’s slide deck:

Full recording:

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