Measure Your Test Automation Maturity

Automated Tests

  • Write test infrastructure
  • Coach developers on how to write better tests
  • Develop testing strategy

Criteria: Does your team automate any test?

Types of Automated Tests

  • Every one of these companies automated their unit, web, and API tests.
  • 80% of the companies who develop mobile apps automated their mobile tests.
  • 80% of the companies create reusable web design components and automated tests for those.
  • However, there was very little effort by the core development teams to automate non-functional tests. Areas like security, performance, and accessibility testing were mostly handled by separate groups, like Center of Excellences.

Criteria: Which type of tests do you automate?

Programming Languages

Test Libraries

Cross Platform Testing

Criteria: Do you do cross-platform testing?

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Criteria: Are your automated tests executed as part of a CI/CD pipeline?

Feature Flags

Criteria: Do you use feature flagging?

What’s Your Maturity Level?



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