Modern Dev Teams Are More Efficient Than Ever — Quality Engineering Should Be Too.

  • Distributed container operation — perhaps Docker or Kubernetes.
  • Continuous integration — through code repos like Github that track every trunk and branch.
  • Integrated testing — logging what you find in Jira
  • Collaborating real-time via Slack all along the way in hopes of catching bugs early and getting them fixed quickly.
  • And, you might deploy continuously using Jenkins, Azure DevOps, CodeFresh, TeamCity or CircleCI.

Seeking Quality Engineering Productivity Improvements

Are Your Code-Based Tests Efficient Enough?

  • Inspect what will change.
  • Spend time — sometimes too much time — updating broken tests.
  • Limit inspection — judiciously — for behavior changes you think unlikely.

Using Visual Inspection

What Is Test Code Efficiency?

  1. The number of lines of test code a quality engineer can write per hour and
  2. The amount of coverage each line of code provides.

Code-Based Inspection — Trading Off Efficiency for Excellence

  • All 288 Submitters — This includes any quality engineer that successfully completed the hackathon project. While over 3,000 quality engineers signed-up to participate, this group of 288 people is the foundation for the report and amounted to 3,168 hours, or 80 weeks, or 1.5 years of quality engineering data.
  • Top 100 Winners — To gather the data and engage the community, we created the Visual AI Rockstar Hackathon. The top 100 quality engineers who secured the highest point total for their ability to provide test coverage on all use cases and successfully catch potential bugs won over $40,000 in prizes.
  • Grand Prize Winners — This group of 10 quality engineers scored the highest representing the gold standard of test automation effort.

In Conclusion



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