Solving The 4 Major Challenges of Testing Native Apps

By Addie Ben-Yehuda

Testing teams across the world testify that Continuous Integration and Delivery are a challenge when testing any mobile app — but prove even harder when it comes to testing native mobile apps.

Proper functionality, consistent user experience, app performance are the hallmark ingredients of a successful mobile app, and they are expected to be delivered across platforms, devices, screen sizes, operating systems, geographies, and much more differentiating factors — in rapidly-accelerating release cycles.

If your team is focused on testing mobile apps, but struggling with delivering continuous quality across your CI-CD pipeline in a timely manner, watch this expert session, where you will learn how to solve these 4 common challenges associated with testing native apps:

  1. Is the functionality working correctly, on all supported devices operating systems, form factors, resolutions, hardware?
  2. Are the user-experience and UI consistent, and as expected for the supported configurations, independent of dynamic data/ content?
  3. How can we test the end-user experience of app performance across various geographies/ locations?
  4. How to effectively and continuously monitor KPIs across builds as part of the CI-CD pipeline, for example: login time, time to checkout, time to pay, etc.

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