Test Automation University is now 75,000 students strong

What does it take to make a difference in the lives of 75,000 people?

Applitools has reached 75,000 students enrolled in Test Automation University, a global online platform led by Angie Jones that provides free courses on things test automation. Today, more engineers understand how to create, manage, and maintain automated tests.

What Engineers Have Learned on TAU

75,000 engineers would exceed the size of some 19,000 cities and towns in the United States. They work at large, established companies and growing startups. They work on every continent with the possible exception of Antarctica.

What makes Test Automation University possible? Contributors, who create all the coursework.

Thank You, Instructors

Here are the instructors of the most recently added courses to TAU.

Thank You, Students

Each course contains quizzes of several questions per chapter. Each student who completes a course gets credit for questions answered correctly. Students who have completed the most courses and answered the most questions successfully make up the TAU 100.

Some of the students who lead on the TAU 100 include:

Join the 75K!

Through the courses on TAU, you’ll not only learn how to automate tests, but more importantly, you’ll learn to eliminate redundant tests, add automation into your continuous integration processes, and make your testing an integral part of your build and delivery processes.

Learn a new language. Pick up a new testing framework. Know how to automate tests for each part of your development process — from unit and API tests through user interface, on-device, and end-to-end tests.

No matter what you learn, you will become more valuable to your team and company with your skills on how to improve quality through automation.

Originally published at https://applitools.com on February 23, 2021.



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