Test Automation University is now 75,000 students strong

What Engineers Have Learned on TAU

Engineers have learned how to automate UI, mobile, and API tests. They have learned to write tests in specific languages, including Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and C#. They have applied tests through a range of frameworks including Selenium, Cypress, WebdriverIO, TestCafe, Appium, and Jest.

Thank You, Instructors

As of this writing, Test Automation University consists of 54 courses taught by 39 different instructors. Each instructor has contributed knowledge and expertise. You can find the list of authors on the Test Automation University home page.

Thank You, Students

As engineers and thinkers, the students continue to expand their knowledge through TAU coursework.

Join the 75K!

Get inspired by the engineers around the world who are learning new test automation skills through Test Automation University.



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