The Joy of Testing in Production — with expert Amber Race

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Amber Race_- Sr. SDET @ Big Fish Games
Amber Race_- Sr. SDET @ Big Fish Games
Amber Race — Sr. SDET @ Big Fish Games

“Watch this deep-dive session, where I demonstrate multiple methods you can use for collecting production data, as well as give real-life examples of how production data can help you find bugs, and even enable running tests in production.” — Amber Race

Our software doesn’t run in a test environment with mock users — it runs out in the real world, being used by thousands or even millions of real people, with thousands of variations of devices, screen sizes, and operating systems.

Learn why you need to be collecting this data — and how you can make it actionable for continuous testing, learning and improving, as well as how it can help you make your own services more transparent and user-friendly to your customers.

Watch this webinar by expert Amber Race — Sr. SDET @ Big Fish Games — and learn:

  1. What monitoring and logging tools are available

Amber’s Slide Deck:

Full webinar recording:

Additional reading and recommended resources:

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