Why Learn Modern Cross Browser Testing?

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Why Learn Modern Cross Browser Testing?

100 Cross Browser Testing Hackathon Winners Share the Answer.

Celebrate the Winners

Before we go forward, let’s celebrate the winners. Here is the table of the top prize winners:

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What’s the big deal about cross-browser testing?

At its core, cross-browser testing guards against client-specific failures.

Cross-Browser Testing Used To Be Costly

If you have thought about cross-browser testing, you know that most quality teams possessed a prejudice about the expense of cross-browser infrastructure. If asked, most engineers would include the cost and complexity of setting up a multi-client and mobile device lab, the effort to define and maintain cross-browser test software, and the tools to measure application behavior across multiple devices.

Applitools and Cross-Browser Testing

Some of our first customers recognized that Applitools Visual AI provides huge productivity gains for cross-browser tests. Some of our customers used popular third-party services for cross-browser infrastructure. All the companies that ran cross-browser tests did have significant risk associated with an application failure. Some had experienced losses associated with browser-specific failures.

Visual Differences With A Common DOM

Our experience with cross-browser testing gave us several key insights.

Creating Applitools Ultrafast Grid

Using these insights, we created Applitools Ultrafast Grid. For each visual test, we capture the DOM state and reload for every other browser/os/viewport size we wish to test. We use cloud-based clients, but they do not need to access the server to generate test results. All we need to do is reload the server response on those cloud-based clients.

Learn and Upskill — The Ultrafast Grid Hackathon

We knew that so many organizations might benefit from a low-cost, highly-accurate cross-browser testing solution. If cost had held people back from trying cross-browser testing, a low-cost, easy-to-deploy, accurate cross-browser solution might succeed. But, how do we get the attention of organizations that have avoided cross-browser testing because their risks could not justify the costs?

Some Ultrafast Grid Hackathon Insights

Here are two of the insights.

What’s Next?

Look out for more insights and empirical data about the Applitools Ultrafast Grid Hackathon. And, think about how running cross-browser tests could help you validate your application and reduce some support costs you might have been incurring because you couldn’t justify the cost of cross-browser testing. With Applitools Ultrafast Grid, adding an affordable cross-browser testing solution to your application test infrastructure just makes sense.

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