Writing CSS Selectors — The Easy Way!

Watch this example-filled webinar that will help you write efficient CSS selectors for your Selenium tests — with test automation expert Corina Pip.

When writing Selenium tests, in order to get a handle to the page elements you need to interact with, WebElement variables need to be created. They are based on selectors, which uniquely identify the HTML page elements you need in your tests.

The easiest selectors to write are the CSS ones.

In this webinar, packed full of real-world practical and actionable examples, Corina first covered the most commonly used CSS selectors.

Then, Corina showed strategies for writing short and reliable selectors, aimed at identifying elements even in the most complex and seemingly impossible HTML structure.

Corina’s slides:

Full webinar recording:

Corina asked us to share with you some of her additional & recommended resources:

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